Aug 122012

I am looking for a couple of guest bloggers. I would like a few people who are interested in writing something about their wedding experience- doesn’t have to be photography related. You just can’t bad mouth any vendors. Just something that you wish you had known, or something you would have done differently, if only you knew, or something that you did that was great and everyone should know about. Even a funny story about your wedding would work. Just something that might be of interest to other brides who are planning weddings. You don’t have to write once a week or anything like that- if you want to write once, that is fine, or if you want to write more than once, that is fine too. Please let me know if you are interested.

I am open to vendors writing something as well, if you are interested in doing so… just let me know!!

If you want to write about something other than weddings, let me know- I am definitely open to possibilities.

Aug 122012

This week is going to be a little hard- and I am sure next week, even harder!! Sunday is Stephen’s birthday- 18 years old!! He is our oldest daughter’s boyfriend. Very nice guy! He makes my daughter happy, so that is all that is important at this point in their lives. Liz, our oldest daughter, goes off to Texas A&M on Friday. I am so excited for her- she has said for years, since she was like 8 years old, that she wanted to go to A&M. She has wanted to be a vet since about that time. When she started high school, she joined FFA. Since I am definitely a city girl, I was quite shocked. Funny enough, even the Assistant Superintendent of her school thought it was out of her character- at that point. She just was not a country girl. She said she was joining FFA and taking Ag classes so she could go on to vet school – at Texas A&M. Then, she wanted to raise an animal- and now, I can’t imagine her doing anything other than something that is Ag related. She is an amazing young lady. Texas A&M is lucky to have her, and she has worked very hard to be able to go there!! Everyone asks if I am ready for her to go to college- honestly, not really, but I know she will be amazing there, and all I ever wanted for her was to be happy and successful! So, look out College Station… Here comes Elizabeth.

On that note, if you want to take pictures or are planning on getting married in College Station- please call!! I need every excuse I can think of to go and see her!